You know the importance of creating a distinct and memorable label that will catch the eye of the consumer. You want your brand to be recognized quickly and easily across all types of packaging and on all your products. Therefore, it is critical that your brand colours appear consistent.

Printing techniques vary

Suppliers may utilize flexography, lithography, rotogravure or digital. A printer is not just a printer. Flexography and lithography use printing plates, rotogravure uses cylinders, digital is direct to print and all use different types of inks.

Raw materials vary

Raw materials vary even within the same type of packaging. For instance, a folding carton may be made from different types of paperboard such as Kraft, Clay Coated News Backboard (CCNB), Solid Bleached Sulfate (SBS) board and specialty boards to resist moisture in refrigeration. The colour looks different even if you use the same ink because the printing surface varies.

To be sure your brand is the same on all your packaging, your designer and suppliers need to work together.

To be sure your brand is the same on all your packaging, your designer and suppliers need to know your target brand colours. For instance, if you have an energy bar displayed in a carton, the branding should be consistent on both the bar wrap and the carton.

A colour printed on kraft paper will look very different than that same colour printed on white. In order to ensure consistency, your suppliers need to know the target and the designer must create the graphics to meet the printer's specifications.

Consider an energy bar. The bar will be wrapped in a flexible plastic, foil or paper, and contained in a folding carton. Printing on the bar wrap and the folding carton can result in colour variation and loss of brand recognition. For this reason, you want to have all your packaging suppliers working together with your designer to ensure your brand colours match. Packaging designers and printers will consider the impact of colour variation on different materials and adjust the inks to compensate.

Additionally, you may offer an extended product line, with various products packed in different types of packaging. A consistent look across all of the products is the key to developing instant brand recognition and consumer loyalty.
Be sure to discuss the importance of colour consistency with your suppliers during the design stage.

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