E-commerce First Packaging Designs

We are always on the lookout for the latest in packaging designs and trends.  Here are some of our choices for innovations in e-commerce packages.

The Bag - A self-sealing, soft pack flexible pouch

Dawn dish soap in a self-sealing soft pack flexible pouch
Source: Amazon.com

While this liquid pouch requires special manufacturing equipment, it is worth exploring just why it is considered a better option than the existing package. Proctor & Gamble (P&G) designed this self-sealing soft pack flexible pouch specifically for e-commerce.  Recognizing that shipping via post or courier presents different environments than the traditional distribution systems, P&G developed a dishwashing liquid package, the Aeroflexx, for direct to consumer sales.

Let’s look at the considerations and benefits presented by this AeroFlexx pouch.

1.    Sustainable - The pouch uses 50% less plastic than its sister rigid bottle, and the film is delivered to the filler in roll stock form, reducing truckloads of empty bottle shipments. Furthermore, the filled product does not require any additional protective packaging materials because it will not sustain damage when shipped.

2.    Functional - Built-in functionality allows the pouch to retain its shape as the liquid depletes by utilizing compressed air pockets on both sides to give it the rigidity of a bottle. The pouch offers self-sealing convenience eliminating the need to open and close a cap allowing for one-handed dispensing.  A built-in vent enables the package to re-inflate, further assisting in the package in holding its shape.

3.    Protective - As well as being puncture resistant, the material preserves and protects the liquid by providing barrier properties to extend shelf life.

See how it works on P&Gs video.

The Eco-Box

Tide Eco Box example of ecommerce first packaging design
Source: TideEco-box.com

Another P&G innovation is the new Tide Eco-Box, similar to the bag-in-a-box wine concept.  In preparation for an increased e-commerce presence, liquid Tide will be filled into a bag with a spout and packed in a convenient box.

This package contains 60% less plastic than the equivalent rigid bottle and requires no protective packaging for shipping.  The liquid formula contains 30% less water reducing the package footprint and weight, saving money on shipping costs.


The Flat Bottle

Flat wine bottle - packaging designed for ecommerce
Source: Garconwines.com

This flat wine bottle was designed by Garcon Wines specifically for e-commerce shipments so that it can be packed into a box to slip through a mail slot.

Also, the bottle is made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic (PET) and is 100% recyclable after consumer use.  Garcon Wines reports that the container is 87% lighter than glass and 40% spatially smaller than a round, glass bottle.

Whether the bottle is distributed individually or in a multi-pack, the shipping cost savings are significant.

For home delivery shipments, this design is certainly more sustainable, practical, and durable than glass.


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