Updated October 2020

Holiday Packaging Ideas For Your Food Brand

It is never too early to be thinking about holiday marketing campaigns, especially if you are considering a promotion across all marketing channels. It can easily take SIX months or more from concept to execution to launch a successful campaign.

There are numerous aspects to consider - package structural and graphic design, photography, printing, video creation. manufacturing and distribution. These all take time and need to be aligned to ensure a successful promotion that is completed on time.

However, with a little ingenuity and creativity, it is never too late.


Create Holiday Packaging to Enhance Brand Visibility

There are numerous holidays throughout the year that offer the opportunity to bring new eyes to your products.

Some companies do more than redesign their packaging - they create new recipes and social media campaigns, such as the latest, Pumpkin Spice Kraft Dinner.

In September, Kraft Dinner Canada announced it would be available in October, which created a lot of hype and was picked up by many of the food publications. The limited-edition recipe is limited to 1,000.  The unusual flavour combination has garnered a lot of attention, which is the whole idea of introducing something new. This product definitely did not originate because of market demand; there is quite a bit of speculation about just how it will taste.

Kraft Dinner US ran a poll asking Tweeters if they would give it a try.  16,570 responded they would.

This Kraft promotion is a great example of how to increase visibility for your brand.

Whether you rebrand or use a holiday motif on your packaging, the package plays an important role in any campaign. Your online images need to align with the products the consumer will purchase.  Tying it all together will ensure brand and product recognition.

See examples of festive food packaging ideas.


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