Packaging Design Ideas & Awards

A collection of package designs that outdid the competition.  

FACT Water and Crown Packaging create unique codes for each beverage can to connect consumers and leave infinite recyclability

UK Packaging Awards 2018 | WINNER: Metal Pack of the Year

Packaging Design Awards

Frankly Organic Vodka

Frankly Organic Vodka's classic logotype is free from adornment that when combined with front of label ingredients creates a sense of honest transparency.

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Kellogg’s EXTRA

Graphic Packaging International puts a big spin on the traditional rectangular cereal box with its gable top design, gold stamping, and high gloss coating to draw consumer attention.

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UV Technology

Innovative packaging that uses a combination of UV technology and modified atmosphere flow wrap to the extend shelf life and quality of ripe avocados while reducing in-store waste.

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Does your packaging help you stand out?

Packaging is more than just a container for your product.  It is what gives a new customer the first impression of your brand.  Does your packaging inspire people to pick it up your product to look closer?  Does it invite curiosity or surprise?

Where do you get your packaging design ideas?  The next time you take a walk through your local store, take a look at what your competition and other brand owners are doing with their packaging. Then, tap into the expertise of a packaging designer to develop a look that is unique to your brand and product.

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