Tips for Writing a Great Listing

5 Tips - Make Your Listing on Pack Your Product Stand Out

Most visitors only spend seconds deciding if what you offer is what they are looking for.  Convince them quickly or they are gone.

Let's look at five ways to write an effective listing to give your company a great conversion rate.

1. Provide the Solution

Buyers come to the site to find products and services like yours. When you are deciding what to write in your listing, put yourself in the Buyer's shoes.  The first thing they want to know is if your company can provide the products and/or services they are seeking.

Put this information in the 125 Character Overview 

Once you have convinced them that you have the product or service they are looking for, they are likely to view your listing to learn more.

Use Keywords

2. Use Keywords To Your Advantage

Our website provides buyers with several different ways to find information.  The best way for your company to show up in the search results is to accurately select the applicable categories and then use keywords to further identify your offering.

Be specific. For example:

We specialize in:

  • Microwaveable/ovenable clamshells;
  • Heat and serve trays and lids;
  • Multiwall paper bags for flour;
  • Food and beverage nutritional labelling;
  • Plastic pails for paint.

Add a Business Listing to improve your conversion rate!

3. Make it Easy to Read

People scan more than they read. Use bullet points and short clear language to convey your message.

  • What makes you stand out?
  • Why is your company the best choice?
  • What is your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)?

Keep in mind that the main goal of your listing on Pack Your Product is to get prospective buyers to contact you.  

What do you need to do to make that happen?  Show them you have ability, experience, and integrity.  Graphics like the one below are a great way to share this information.

Our Guarantee

4. Use Images

65% of people are visual learners.   Use this to your advantage by adding professional images to your business listing listing to showcase your company's packaging products and services.

Paid Business listings on PackYourProduct include an upload of a custom header image, logo, and a photo gallery.

5. Share Third Party Testimonials and Awards or Recognition

It is one thing for you to sing your own praises and something entirely different for someone else to do it.

Share a recent testimonial or award that recognizes your company as standing out from the rest.

PRO TIP:  Know Your Audience

When a potential buyer lands on your listing, it is all about them and their needs.  They are looking for something and they need help to get it.  The better you know your ideal customer or target audience the more accurately you are going to be able to quickly address their pain points.

Don't forget to consider your secondary and tertiary audiences as well, they can be just as important.


Potential buyers are going to connect with brands that they trust to do the job.  This happens when your listing clearly states what you offer and what makes your company stand out from the competition.