Bottle & Jar Packaging

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Jars and bottles are typically used to package liquids and viscose products such as:

  • Food - sauces, condiments and dressings;
  • Personal care products - Creams, lotions, cosmetics;
  • Chemicals - household cleaning, detergent, soaps.
Metal bottle packaging for beverages in a bucket of ice.

The material choice, whether glass, plastic or metal will largely depend on the food preservation and protection requirements, market preference, and distribution system.

Bottle & Jar Packaging Considerations


Variety of materials 


Great option for liquids 


Variety of colours, reclosable

Assorted glass bottles and jars with lids for packaging.

Consumer Perception

Glass exudes quality

Product Quality

No odor or taste transmission


Common materials are recycled

Other Considerations


Glass is breakable

Supply & Custom Orders

Glass supply can be limited and custom shapes and sizes require molds that can be expensive


Glass is heavy, jars and bottles are bulky


Require a label application as a separate process and limited branding coverage (exception is shrink sleeves)

Consumers perceive products in glass packaging to be of higher quality

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