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Home delivery of everything from soup to nuts is growing at a rate of more than 20%/year. In the past, the majority of goods purchased online were non-food consumer goods but there is significant growth in the food sector as well.

The packaging suppliers in this category offer the necessary packaging and services to protect products through the entire supply chain from the manufacturer to the consumer.
Airmail Stamp On Boxes Shows International Deliveries

Is Your Packaging E-Commerce Ready?

One of the many things the current pandemic has shown us is the importance of product packaging and its relationship to your brand.

At its simplest level, product packaging is a way to tell your company story, influence purchase intent, and protect your product.  Now with the meteoric rise in online shopping, product packaging has the power to make or break the customer experience.

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Packaging damaged in shipping

E-Commerce shipping costs are directly related to packaging choices

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