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Labels are commonly used on all types of packaging. They make sense when volumes are low or the type of packaging dictates the use of labels. Printed labels are used on bottles, cans, jars, boxes, bags, and pouches holding beverages, liquids, acidy foods, condiments, personal care products, chemicals, and a variety of other products and are generally labelled with pressure-sensitive labels and shrink sleeves. In this category you will find pressure sensitive labels, and shrink sleeves.

Pros: there are ample suppliers for labels in small to large order quantities; can be hand-applied; application can be automated; printable; can be embossed and foil-stamped; materials and adhesives for every product and environment; reduces the inventory of custom printed packaging; may be less expensive than custom printed packages.

Cons: added processing for the label application; adds a separate stock keeping unit; reduced the printable space for branding.

Bottles with assorted lables and shrink sleeves

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