Packaging Supply Approval Form

Avoid unbudgeted costs and packaging supply interruptions.  Download this supplier approval form to review the terms with your vendors.

What's included:

Prices Increases

Credit Limits

Rush Orders

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Know The Terms of Your Vendors

Avoid nasty surprises by establishing your packaging purchases with reputable companies.  The most effective way to make sure you avoid unanticipated costs and stock-outs is to discuss ALL terms BEFORE placing your first order.

If you already have established suppliers but may not have covered all the little details, now is the time to do so.  We have created a template that you can forward to your suppliers.  Find out from them how they handle service expectations, shipping costs, payment & inventory terms, and other important terms of sale.

Packaging is a critical supply item. You cannot sell your products without it so be sure you have clearly defined vendor supply agreements.