Packaging Services

Packaging Services

Effective packaging is more than just a container to hold your products. It represents your brand, tells your story, and gives your consumers the information they need to choose your products. It also has to perform throughout the supply chain from manufacture to consumption. Working with a coach, selecting a competent packaging design firm, and a great photographer or illustrator can help your products stand out from the rest. Tapping into testing services will ensure your package meets the needs of your products.


Package Mislabelling Tops List for Recalls

The leading cause of all packaging related food recalls in Canada is incorrect labelling with undeclared allergens topping the list (for Canada see CFIA Recall List, and the United States, see FDA Recalls).

Labelling mistakes, as simple as a missing ingredient, can incur significant recall costs and negatively impact brand loyalty.

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How To Package Your Product

10 Steps to Successfully Package Your Product

10 Steps How To Package Your Product