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Your choice on which type of bag to choose will depend on where you physically sell it, whether it is for single-use or reuse, the product preservation and protection requirements, and how it fits with your brand image.

The pouch bag category includes bags for both food products and general use. They come in numerous formats such as side gusset, flat bottom, retort, vacuum, pillow, shaped, three side seal, back seal, block bottom and sachets/packets/stickpacks. There are also various options for convenience closures such as tinties and zip-lock.

Merchandise bags are the bags used in retail including produce bags and carry out. Here you will find suppliers offering a variety of styles and materials, both for generic stock bags and for custom printed bags.

In the bread bag category you will find plastic and paper bags such as those you see designed for artisan loaves and for retail bread packaged on wicket lines.

Assorted merchandise bags
Different colours of pouch bags used for packaging chips

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    Your bag choice will depend on how and where it will be used

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