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Included in this category are the three most common type of boxes used for packaging products.

cardboard box for shipping


White folding paperboard carton for packaging

Folding Cartons

Rigid box with lid

Rigid Boxes

Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated boxes are made from containerboard, a three-layer board with a fluted center layer. They are primarily used as shipping containers but can be a good choice for retail foods and home delivery meals that require insulation properties. Pizza boxes are usually packaged in corrugated containerboard. Big box stores and grocery markets have moved corrugated products into the retail space. Often, for retail products, the outside layer of the board will be white for eye-popping printability. Most corrugated suppliers produce stock and custom die-cut shipping boxes as well as trays.

Pros: stacking strength; puncture resistance; protects products from damage; lightweight; affordable; printable; stackable; customizable shapes and sizes; collapsible for storage; recyclable.

Cons: usually single use; not as durable as plastic or wood; requires set up; weak if wet (although there are water resistant boards that work well in moist environments and coated and waxed boxes for water resistance).

Folding Cartons

Folding cartons are made from paperboard and come in virgin white board, kraft board and recycled board.  The cartons are often used for containing more fragile foods such as cereals, chocolates, and crackers.  Folding carton manufacturers also produce counter displays and sleeves.  The cartons are often used to package foods, electronics, and beauty products.  Counter displays containing the primary packages and are great for energy bars, cookies, and candies.  Paperboard sleeves are used to label unprinted containers and to display multipacks.

Pros:  lightweight; rigidity protects fragile products; printable; customizable shapes and sizes; can be foil stamped and embossed; stackable, foldable for storage; recyclable.

Cons:  absorbs moisture; not durable (crushes).

Rigid Boxes

In this category, we have included both wooden and rigid box suppliers. Rigid boxes, often called set up boxes, are made from heavier weight chipboard and are not foldable or collapsible. They are commonly used for breakable items and more expensive products, such as perfumes, jewellry, mobile phones, electronics, limited edition products, and gift boxes.

Pros:  low order quantities; color variety; product protection; can be foil stamped and embossed; portrays high quality; durable; reusable, recyclable.

Cons:  bulky, not collapsible, expensive as compared to folding cartons.

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