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The packaging machinery category encompasses hundreds of types of machines for every packing process in a manufacturing facility.  Here, we have included three of the most common types of equipment.

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Handling, Bundling and Wrapping includes equipment needed to prepare the primary packages for distribution. For example, this segment includes stretch and shrink film wrappers, strappers, packers and sealers, palletizers, and robotics for pick and pack. Distributors of packaging machinery will often carry a variety of both used and new equipment.

Label printers can be handy for companies who hand label their products. As volumes increase, companies often look to automate their labelling.  In this segment, you will find small label printers and a variety of labelling equipment for various applications.

The Filling, Forming, Sealing (FFS) equipment includes equipment required to package the products. Here you will find bottle fillers, vertical and horizontal FFS machines, flow wrappers, and heat sealers.

Bottle filling machine

Distributors of packaging machinery will often carry a variety of both used and new equipment

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