How to troubleshoot packaging failures

The first step is to conduct a root cause analysis to determine where the failure is occurring.

  1. Did the package perform before this failure, or has it always been an issue?  If it has always been an issue, then it is not the right packaging for the product.  Consider other options.
  2. Has anything changed?  Have you automated, changed materials, processes, or suppliers? Can you identify at what stage the packaging is failing - during filling, packing, shipping, distribution, or when consumed?
  3. How old is your packaging? Packaging materials do break down over time, particularly when subjected to varying temperatures, frequent handling, and poor storage conditions.
  4. Have you added new distribution channels? If the failure is occurring after it leaves your facility, how is it handled, both on the way to your customers and beyond through their distribution? For example, some products are susceptible to altitude, heat, cold, and vibration.
  5. How are your products being stored? Explore under what type of conditions the products are stored as this can vary from customer to customer.

Once you have determined where the packaging failure is occurring, the next step is to get help.

  1. Contact your supplier to determine if they have made a change to the packaging or if they have any solutions to fix the problem.
  2. If your current supplier cannot resolve the issue, then seek out other supply options on Pack Your Product.
  3. If none of this solves the failures, consider a coaching session with a packaging professional.


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