Packaging Sustainability

How to make better decisions with the PAC sustainability checklist

Sustainability Influences Purchase Decisions

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important to consumers.  How your product is packaged is no longer just connected to visual appeal and food safety. Many of today's consumers are making purchase decisions with sustainability in mind.

An international study by Unilever revealed that "a third of consumers (33%) are now choosing to buy from brands they believe are doing social or environmental good."

Today's consumers want products that are sustainable, traceable, and safe at a price that is reasonable.

How do you as an environmentally conscience business navigate this changing packaging landscape?

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PAC Packaging Sustainability Checklist

Sustainable Packaging Checklist

The PAC Packaging Consortium developed a Packaging Sustainability Checklist as a quick reference to help packaging designers and companies make better packaging decisions.

PAC Packaging Checklist - 6 priorities

Here is an overview of what is covered in this valuable PDF:

  • The SIX priorities of waste management, in order of priority
  • PAC's Packaging Fact Sheets
  • Packaging Optimization Examples
  • Additional Resources
  • Trade-Off Considerations
  • Recycling Watch Outs

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PAC Packaging Sustainability Checklist

Communicating Your Company's Approach to Sustainability

Changing your packaging isn't fast or easy.  It is going to take time to do the research you need to make solid choices and work out how to align them with your company goals. Your business has to be able to stand behind the packaging decisions you have made.

Be clear and upfront with your consumers.  They will appreciate you communicating the reasons behind your packaging choices.  To support the ongoing conversations around this topic, consider putting together a page or section on your website that speaks to your company goals and approach to sustainability.

You will:

  • increase efficiency by directing people to this information rather than via individual explanations;
  • communicate that your company is actively thinking about and taking steps to address sustainability, which is important for consumers as well as retailers.   Remember, sustainability influences purchase decisions;
  • enhance your available content for marketing; and,
  • provide a unified understanding and language that everyone can stand behind.

Adjusting your packaging to address the increasing interest in sustainability is going to take time and effort, but it is an opportunity to position your company ahead of your competition.